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Mutual fund wrap matters

Do not make a letter on the web!





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Babes Of The Week: November 3, 2013


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Brookfield Sideboard (White Wash) (36″H x 42″W x 18″D)

This agent is listed in NYSE and TSX, to the refrred.

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To whom It may relation in Apple corp.:


We appreciate 4 ur mtrs.

I am dissatisfied with your non-creating shortcut in which we will find the site’s original marks or logos as much as windows:  IE vs Safari


Have a rapid review now!

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You don’t have to be a hippie to hug a tree.

The Holistic Ingredient

Tree shotI’m going to point to some scientific theory to kick off this post – in an effort to hold on to a few skeptics before I lose you at the title (and I should add that that would have been me 12 months ago).

It is scientifically proven that trees have a positive effect on our health – they have proven to have aided in alleviating headaches, depression, ADHD and concentration levels. Children have shown physiological and psychological changes when interacting with plants. It is widely accepted that interacting with nature can significantly improve our mental health and overall wellbeing.  For more information take a look at Blinded By Science, a recently published book by Matthew Silverstone.

So what is it about trees? Basically it comes back to the principle that every living thing vibrates and different vibrations affect biological behaviours.  According to Erica Sofrina, Internationally recognised Green Living Columnist (amongst other…

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Random Clicks

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suggestion from aero

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For your entertains….

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I made up youtube commercial

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Lingua Franca

Yesterday afternoon I drove over to El Rey Supermarket at El Dorado to buy my monthly allotment of medicines for my high blood pressure hindrance.  As I walked through the aisles of the venue, I passed the flower section, and there on one corner, my eyes captured a group of gorgeous bright yellow sunflowers.  I knew then and there, these flowers would be my next subject for Lingua Franca.

Without wasting much time, I purchased a bunch of them, dashed over to the pharmacy to get my medicines and speeded home to take the shots.  This is what came out of my compact Canon PowerShot A720 IS.  It was a dark day with ash clouds, which made it difficult to concentrate enough light.  However, in my opinion, the pictures look quite decent after all.  Sunflowers always remind me of Dutch post-impressionist painter,  Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890).

Vincent van Gogh’s Sunflower…

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